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Ritual Incense

Blended powders for burning on charcoal tablets
Traditional recipes made with resins, woods, herbs and spices

These incense use charcoal as a heat source.
Light a charcoal disc tablet, the tablet will spark,
Place the charcoal tablet in a heat resistant burner and allow the sparks to traverse the disc until the disc is glowing red,
Add incense to the charcoal tablet. Add more incense as needed.
Enjoy the aroma

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Ritual Incense Products

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Ritual Incense - DARK MOON

For Use on Charcoal Tablets

Dark Moon Rituals

Myrrh, Black Copal, Aloes Wood, Willow Bark, Spikenard, Rosemary

Ritual Incense - HARMONY

For Use on Charcoal Tablets

Create Harmony with Others to Calm Emotional Turmoil

Frankincense, Myrrh, Mastic, Coriander Seeds

Ritual Incense - MEDITATION

For Use on Charcoal Tablets

Burn a small amount prior to meditation to relax the mind

Sandalwood, Acacia Gum, Rose Petals, Damiana, Catnip, Chamomile, Juniper Berries

Soex Quick-Lite Charcoal Tablets / Blocks

Priced per roll. 10 Charcoal Block Tablets per Roll. A full box contains 8 rolls so enter the qty of 8 for a full box

In Stock:48unit/s
$ 2.50
Bulk Discount Prices

$ 2.30 each for 8+

Brass Burner for Charcoal

Brass Charcoal Burner with lid

Height 7.5cm
Diameter 6.5cm

In Stock:2unit/s
$ 9.00

Brass Charcoal Burner / Incense Holder with Mesh - BLACK

Dual purpose brass burner with mesh.
Can be used as a charcoal burner or flip the lid over and use it as an incense holder.
Measure 5cm height x 6.5cm diameter

In Stock:8unit/s
$ 16.00

Brass Charcoal Burner / Incense Holder with Mesh - LARGE

Dual purpose brass burner with mesh top.
Can be used as an incense holder or flip lid over and use it as a charcoal burner.
Measure 8.5cm height x 9.5cm diameter

In Stock:2unit/s
$ 28.00

Soapstone Charcoal and Incense Cone Burner

Soapstone burner. Can be used to burn charcoal discs or incense cones.
Measures: 6.5cm diameter
Colour varies from shades of grey, pink and cream. Charcoal tablet not included

In Stock:4unit/s
$ 8.00
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