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Decal / Window Sticker - Sunlight BUDDHA NATURE

Small luminous stained glass decal sticker for windows and glass doors. 2 stickers measures approx 5.5cm diameter each.

Tags: Buddhism
In Stock:6unit/s
$ 3.50

Jizo Praying - Ivory

Jizo Bosatsu figurine statue. Japanese Bodhisattva standing and praying
Colour: Ivory / Symbol: Compassion
Height: 6cm

Tags: Buddhism
In Stock:3unit/s
$ 12.00

Jizo Standing & Praying - Ivory

Jizo statue, Japanese Bodhisattva standing and praying. Jizo represents child protection. There are many Jizo temples in Japan. This statue is made from crushed marble and resin composite and is displayed in a beautiful gift box with story.
Colour: Ivory. Height: 6cm

Tags: Buddhism
In Stock:1unit/s
$ 12.00

Laughing Buddha Standing with Money Sack

Laughing Buddha carrying a money sack statue.
Colour: Ivory / Symbol: Happiness
Height: 9cm

Tags: Buddhism
In Stock:2unit/s
$ 25.00

Shakyamuni Buddha Holding Bowl

Hand painted Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha figurine made from crushed marble and resin composite
Colour: Bronze and Gold / Symbol: Peace
Height 9cm

Tags: Buddhism
In Stock:2unit/s
$ 14.00

Singing Bowl Brass - AQUA

Brass singing bowl
Diameter 15cm x Height 8cm

Tags: Buddhism
In Stock:1unit/s
$ 65.00

Tibetan Prayer Wheel - Medium

Tibetan Prayer Wheel. Mani Wheels in Tibet.
Measures: Length 18cm Diameter 7cm
It is said that all the teachings of Buddha are contained within the mantra : Om Mani Padme Hum. This mantra is believed to invoke benevolent blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion.
Inside this Prayer Wheel is a scroll with Om Mani Padme Hum written on it. By spinning the wheel it is said that it is sending the mantra skywards, wishing compassion for all sentient beings; and spreading spiritual blessings.

Tags: Buddhism
In Stock:1unit/s
$ 40.00
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