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Hem Incense Sticks - FRANKINCENSE

Frankinsence Hem Incense
20 Sticks per tube. 25cm. 20g

Available as a Tube or as a Box of 6 Tubes

In Stock: Yes
$ 1.30
Bulk Discount Prices

$ 1.20 each for 6+
$ 1.10 each for 12+

Hem Incense Sticks - FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH

20 Sticks per tube. 25cm. 20g

Available as a Tube or as a Box of 6 Tubes

In Stock:33unit/s
$ 1.30
Bulk Discount Prices

$ 1.20 each for 6+
$ 1.10 each for 12+

Kamini Incense Cones - FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH

Each packet contains
10 incense cones

In Stock:17unit/s
$ 1.40
Bulk Discount Prices

$ 1.30 each for 12+

Kamini Perfume Oil - FRANKINCENSE

Kamini Perfume Oil 8ml
Rollon perfume oil

In Stock:36unit/s
$ 7.00
Bulk Discount Prices

$ 6.80 each for 3+
$ 6.60 each for 6+

Omani Frankincense Incense Sticks

Frankincense Incense Sticks made from pure Hojari Frankincense
Burns for nearly 2 hours
Packet of 8 incense sticks

In Stock:9unit/s
$ 11.80

Organic Goodness Masala Incense - FRANKINCENSE

Song of India
Masala Incense Sricks
Prepared with 96% Organic Material

In Stock:9unit/s
$ 2.80

Resin Incense - FRANKINCENSE

Frankincense Gum Resin
(Boswellia carterri)
Resin Incense for Use on Charcoal Blocks


Frankincense and Myrrh Granules
Resin Incense for Use on Charcoal Blocks

In Stock:15unit/s
$ 7.90
Bulk Discount Prices

$ 7.60 each for 3+
$ 7.40 each for 6+
$ 7.20 each for 12+

Song of India Perfume Oil - FRANKINCENSE - 10ml

Song Of India Concentrated Perfume Oil
Frankincense - 10ml

In Stock:3unit/s
$ 10.00
Bulk Discount Prices

$ 9.80 each for 3+

Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil - FRANKINCENSE

Frankincense was discontinued in late 2019.
The manufacturer is working on a replacement

Out of Stock

Omani Resin - Hojari Frankincense

125 gram
Omani Frankincense has been famous for centuries. Highly valued for their quality and for their distinct citric aromas. The Frankincense Resins are the natural gum harvested from hardy and rare 'Boswellia Sacra' Trees from the southern deserts of Oman.
Superior quality, Strong Rich Fragrance, Natural Gum.

In Stock:7unit/s
$ 35.00

Rosewood Cutwork Box - Frankincense

Beautiful Rosewood Cutwork Box with 5g resin
This is a small wooden box containing resin for perfuming your wardrobe, handbag, car
Measures approx 6cm x 4cm x 2cm

In Stock:4unit/s
$ 8.90
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