Incense Holders, Cone Burners

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Incense Holders, Cone Burners Products

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CONE or DHOOP BURNER Brass - Small

Brass Cone or Dhoop Burner

Measures: Height 6cm x Diameter 4cm

Out of Stock

Incense Holder and Cone Burner - PENTAGRAM

Indented with a Pentagon, 5 Pointed Star. The centre holds the incense cone with 5 holes for holding incense sticks.
Silver coloured

Diameter 9cm

In Stock:2unit/s
$ 9.00

Incense Holder Burner - Brass Lotus

Brass incense holder with 5 holes for incense sticks

Height 4.5cm
Diameter 6cm

In Stock:8unit/s
$ 7.50

Incense Holder Resin - ELEPHANT

Resin incense holder with Elephant on dish
Measures 10cm diameter

In Stock:1unit/s
$ 14.00

Brass Burner for Charcoal

Brass Charcoal Burner with lid

Height 7.5cm
Diameter 6.5cm

Out of Stock

Brass Charcoal Burner / Incense Holder with Mesh - BLACK

Dual purpose brass burner with mesh.
Can be used as a charcoal burner or flip the lid over and use it as an incense holder.
Measure 5cm height x 6.5cm diameter

In Stock:8unit/s
$ 16.00

Brass Charcoal Burner / Incense Holder with Mesh - LARGE

Dual purpose brass burner with mesh top.
Can be used as an incense holder or flip lid over and use it as a charcoal burner.
Measure 8.5cm height x 9.5cm diameter

In Stock:6unit/s
$ 28.00

Brass Hanging Charcoal Censer Large

Hanging brass incense censer with hanging chain for burning charcoal and cones
Measures approx 12cm tall x 9cm diameter
Length including chain approx 32cm

Out of Stock

Soapstone Charcoal and Incense Cone Burner

Soapstone burner. Can be used to burn charcoal discs or incense cones.
Measures: 6.5cm diameter
Colour varies from shades of grey, pink and cream. Charcoal tablet not included

Out of Stock
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